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Attorney at Law

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in journalism, I could see a need for dedicated lawyers to help individuals and businesses prosper. Three years later, I graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, and from there worked at and managed multiple advocacy programs and large law firms before starting my practice.



30 years of local knowledge & resources

Due to my decades of experience working in Sacramento, I can utilize a network of resources from the community to help play important roles in each of my cases.

Personalized, one-on-one attention

When you bring a problem or case to my firm, you work directly with me. I offer one-on-one meetings and legal strategies customized to your unique needs and situation.

Honest advice you can trust

I will always be transparent with you. You need to know the details of your case, what the outlook is, and what I would do if I were in your situation to seek a favorable result.


Buying or Selling Your Residential Home

Whether you are buying your first home or selling your house, you need to make sure you are making the best decisions. With my advice, you can feel confident in knowing that you have the information you need to make the most informed decisions regarding the sale or purchase of the property.

Navigating Neighbor Disputes & Leasing Issues

Unfortunately, once you have moved in or have been living in your residence for some time, other issues may come up. Disagreements with your neighbor can seem inconsequential but can cause problems for your down the road. And when you can’t find a solution, you should consult with legal counsel.

Buying or Selling Commercial Real Estate

Small businesses and large corporations require a physical space to interact with customers and the company team, and buying or selling these properties can be handled by a broker, agent, or private individual. Whatever the case may be, a real estate attorney is the best way to ensure everything is handled to maximize benefits.

Providing Representation for Landlords & Tenants

Landlord and tenant disputes often require legal intervention to maintain an amicable relationship or to part ways. If you are a landlord dealing with a non-compliant tenant, an attorney can take over and handle the situation on your behalf. The same goes for tenant representation and formal counsel.

I serve clients across the Sacramento Metro area


What My Clients Say

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Courthouse logo Whether you’re preparing your next real estate transaction or business deal — or you’re simply looking for probate counsel, I’m here to serve your every legal need.

Working as a real estate, probate, and business attorney in Sacramento, California for over three decades has provided me with a large resource network that I can access to benefit my clients' cases. As a real estate attorney, I can help administer the transaction of a buy or sell, and give you valuable insight and advice when agreeing on the terms of a sale with the other party. 

Negotiating agreements and terms of service is something every business owner and manager handles regularly. So you can focus on your business rather than dealing with the legal side of things, I can take charge and help you and your business on the road to success. For any questions or concerns you have, I will always work to find the answers to them.

When a loved one passes away without a will or trust, there are a lot of unanswered questions that have to be dealt with. What did they want to be done with their estate? Will the probate process take everything? These questions can be answered with the help of an experienced probate attorney. If you are facing the probate process, I will help you move through it smoothly and protect any remaining assets. 

When you come to my firm, I will work with you directly. With the freedom to handle your case without red tape and bottom lines allows me to do my best work. I want to know what your concerns and needs are, and help you understand what you are dealing with. It is my experience that gives me the insight I need to help you navigate the legal system effectively. Call today!